Over the years, the reduction of noise and vibrations inside the vehicle has been a constant factor to improve the comfort of the passengers. Also, because of environmental requirements in large cities around the world, car manufacturers are focusing on minimizing emissions of noise and vibration to the outside world.

No vehicle is conceived if it does not take into account and prioritize these aspects .

Gusts of wind, the constant movements of vehicles and the environmental conditions in which they are used mean that many of the elements that make up the vehicle can become fatigued and their mechanical properties affected.

The use of rubber parts, as a connecting element between components made of different materials (plastic-metal, metal-metal, plastic-plastic,…etc), helps to minimise these effects and therefore extend the life of these components.

Junta3 designs the moulds and manufactures rubber seals, which are installed in the ventilation and defence systems of vehicles.

Due to the way these parts work and the place where they are installed, the most commonly used raw material is “EPDM”, although “NR” and “CR” are also common, with agents that reinforce their behaviour face to environmental aggression (climatic shocks, UV rays, etc.).

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