These are elements that, thanks to their design, are integrated into the lower part of the railway block sleepers when they are manufactured.

The main objective is to minimise the crumbling of the ballast and concrete of the pads, as well as to provide the system with a reduction in noise and vibration.

The direct contact of the ballast with the concrete produces a constant deterioration of the block sleeper. The use of soles under the block sleeper reduces this erosion of the block sleeper aggregates, as it increases the contact surface of the block sleeper with the ballast stones on which it rests.

Its use reduces maintenance costs, characteristic of a railway track on ballast.

To ensure the good quality of the products installed on the railway networks, there are a number of European standards, which indicate the demanding tests that these must pass.

The parts injected by Junta3, in natural rubber, comply perfectly with the European standards applied to this type of product.

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